Garage Door Repair Corona

Garage Door Repair Corona

At Ken Davidson Garage Doors we believe we are the best garage door repair Corona provider  and  would love to earn your business. We provide the best quality repair work in the business. Call us today and talk to me.

My core mission for over 50 years has been customer satisfaction. If my customers are happy with my level of service they will refer me to their friends. I have thrived over the years because I have adhered to this principle.

Garage Door Repair Corona

If you are unhappy with service you have received in the past, we’d love the opportunity to turn you into a lifelong customers.

I have repaired tens of thousands of  garage doors in the last 54 years so there are few situations I have not faced hundreds of times. I have learned many tricks to get the job done safely, quickly and inexpensively. I can easily spot potential problems and give you an idea of whether they need to be addressed right away, or can be delayed.

If Your Door Looks Like This

 garage-door-repair-cables-2    DON’T TOUCH IT!

If your garage door ever becomes partially detached, stop operating it and call us immediately. The springs, cable, and hardware system are under tremendous tension and must be properly evaluated and counterbalanced before beginning any repairs. Attempting a DIY repair could result in serious injury or death.

Nothing Happens When You Push Your Button?

We can diagnose the problem quickly. I will not try to talk you into a new opener until I have satisfied myself that your opener is not fixable or not worth putting good money into repairs.

In addition, we also offer free estimates, lifetime warranties on parts and ‘round-the-clock care for emergency situations. We give reliable customer care and consider ourselves the best company around.