One of the main repair requests we get at Doors  is for broken garage door springs. Garage door springs are vital to the proper operation of your garage door and they come in many different sizes depending on the type of door you have.

So if you wake up one morning to find your garage door will no longer travel upwards or it will only travel upwards a few feet then there’s a good chance your garage door spring has busted.

This is usually evident by a large gap in the garage door spring similar to what you see in the picture. If you need garage door service in    or the surrounding areas then call us.

Years ago, my family had a similar situation and fortunately or unfortunately what we found was that a neighbor had the identical garage door opener that operated on the same frequency.

What most folks don’t know is that this can be easily rectified.

Depending on the model you may or may not have to take the cover off the opener to change the dip switch settings to match that of the remote(s).

But once you do change the dip switch settings, either up or down, to a setting that was different than what you started with than you should be good to go.

Rolling code technology that virtually eliminates radio wave interference and makes it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your remote control signal.

Each time you press the button on your remote it sends a different code to the garage door opener making it very difficult for one of your neighbors to open your door with their remote.

Garage Door Repair Claremont

At  Doors of  we’ve noticed a trend recently so we thought we’d Blog about it.

The garage door should sit in the middle of the opening without human intervention.

But this is only one part of balancing a garage door.

Other things to look for include making sure the door closes without much effort as well as opens without having to push with too much force.

So why should you care? Incorrectly installed springs can cause the cables to come off your drums and not allow the door to go all the way up to the height of the opening.


Garage Door Repair Covina

Garage Door Repair Covina