Have you ever thought much about how your garage door operates?

My guess is probably not.

If you’re like most folks you just know that when you hit the garage door button on the wall or press the garage door remote in your car that your garage door goes up or it goes down until it doesn’t any more.

One of the main repair requests we get at  is for broken garage door springs.

Garage door springs are vital to the proper operation of your garage door and they come in many different sizes depending on the type of door you have.

So if you wake up one morning to find your garage door will no longer travel upwards or it will only travel upwards a few feet then there’s a good chance your garage door spring has busted.

This is usually evident by a large gap in the garage door spring similar to what you see in the picture.

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If the door doesn’t reverse direction then you should check the upward and downward force settings on the garage door opener.

Typically, the settings should be below 5 for most doors although some heavier doors may require a higher setting.

We’ve all been there.

You’re running late once again and you jump in the car and turn the corner and you ask yourself.

Did I close the garage door?

With Liftmaster Myq technology you never have to worry again.

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