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  • Mark C.
  • Hacienda Heights, CA


I don’t give five stars.  This guy is awesome.    I have an overhead roll-up garage door  at home and one of the overhead springs broke.  I called three companies and everyone wanted between $60 and $85 to come out.  Then the job was going to cost $140 for labor and approx $100 for each spring (so 140+100+100=340).  $340?? OMFG I can replace garage door springs, but not these things.  they are dangerous if you don’t have the right tools.   So I kept calling and I found Ken Davidson Garage Door Co.   He came out the next day and did the whole job for $185.  I asked him to lubricate the door and hinges and everything and he not only did that but showed me what I need to do to keep it oiled.   Total cost for everything (two springs installed and adjusted, oiled garage door, training lesson) was $200 and he was only there like 20 minutes including all my talking.

If you need your garage door fixed, this is the FIRST guy you should call!

    • Matt G.
    • Upland, CA


    Ken is a very nice man and is the best when it comes to pricing. 3 other loser garage door companies tried to sell me a new motor over the phone and said it would be 900$ to replace mine. I called ken and he came out and fixed it for 135$ and even oiled the door and fixed the track. It was super fast and I couldn’t have been more impressed. He also said that a new motor was about 300-600 depending on how fancy I went. But that I don’t even need a new motor and mine was just fine. Screw those other scammers and call this guy. He’s not a scammer that’s trying to run your bill up to a thousand dollars.

    5 stars! + Return customer!

  • Hott R. door
    • Hott R.
    • Rancho Cucamonga, CA


    Last Tuesday my Genie CM8600 garage door opener decided it was time to retire. I did a quick visual and all the cables, springs, screw shaft, etc. appeared to be intact. I disengaged the carriage but the motor would only turn in the open direction for a brief second and stop. I tried searching troubleshooting online but only found rudimentary things like programming the remote and adjusting the tension.

    I opened the phone book and called one place that couldn’t be out for 3 days. I called Ken Davidson’s and he said he’d be out between 1-3. He discovered the end cap was loose allowing the shaft to flex and bind. Alas with that fixed the motor still wouldn’t turn for more than a second. He inspected other components and replaced the RPM sensor but nothing was working. Finally he determined it had to be the sequencer board but he didn’t have one on his truck. I scribbled a check for his service call ($85.00) and he was on his way.

    Back at the ranch I went online and found a sequencer board for $53.00. It was at my door 2 days later. I installed it, connected the plugs and mashed on the remote. It didn’t work either. Frustrated I was trying to decide if I should buy a new motor ($159.00) for the Genie or get a whole new opener.

    Unknown to me my wife called Ken Davidson’s and related this story. She asked if they’d come out and have another look and see if it was something else and if they could apply a portion of the previously paid service charge. Ken showed up same day and ‘fine tuned’ the new sequencer board and lubricated the shaft and springs, for FREE! He said this is what he would have done if he had the sequencer on his truck the first time he was out.

    Bottom line is he made two trips to my house within 5 days and got my opener working for $85.00. THANKS! Ken